Advanced mobility solution with defecation-cleansing support

Experience freedom with Sahayatha Healthcare— the best wheelchair company in India. Our innovative wheelchair, paired with defecation cleansing offers unparalleled support for the immobile population.

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Arm and Leg rest

180 Degree Recline

Battery indicator

Folding Width


100 KG Capacity

In-built commode



Sahayatha Healthcare is one of the best wheelchair brands in India that touched 100+ lives globally to date. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge wheelchairs, providing comfort and independence. What sets us apart is our innovative defecation-cleansing technology, redefining care standards. Join us in experiencing quality, innovation, and premium care. Explore more about our journey and why we stand out as leaders in the field.

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In-built Commode

In-built Commode

A collection commode is provided that easily comes off, making it user-friendly for both users and caregivers.

Defecation Cleansing

Defecation Cleansing

This has a self-cleaning system with just one button. It also adjusts for easy use, so you don't need help or have to stand up.

Water and Battery Indicator

Water and Battery Indicator

Clear signs for water and battery levels, so you know when it's time to charge and refill.

180 Degree Recline

180 Degree Recline

User can adjust the seat to find a comfy spot, offering different sitting positions for relaxation and comfort.

Arm and Leg Rest

Arm and Leg Rest

To prioritize user comfort and safety during extended use, our wheelchair features adjustable, removable hand and leg rests.



Effortless movement for easy navigation, allowing users to move freely and independently with confidence.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr.G.Bakthavathsalam Chairman of K.G Hospital, Coimbatore.

It is a wonderful innovation done by Ms.Sruthi Babu. It will be used by hundreds of people and will be exported to many countries

Prof.Dr.V.G. Mohan Prasad Founder & Chairman, VGM Hospital, Coimbatore

Sahayatha is a phenomenal work done by Ms.Sruthi Babu. It really makes people live with honor and dignity.

Ambika Caretaker

My name is Ambika I'm staying in this home for the past 15 years, as a caretaker. Her name is Ms.Peranath Amma. This is Sahayatha, very useful to carry out their restroom activities. Going to the bathroom it's difficult for her and also for us. But after using Sahayatha it's very useful as it cleans itself. Peranath Amma says 'In sleep when I urge to use toilet sometimes they will help and sometimes they will not. Sahayatha is useful as I can take care of myself in toileting and cleaning."

Geetha Mohandas Coimbatore

My name is Geetha Mohandass and I’m from Coimbatore. My 93 years old mother Ms. Anandhavalli is partially bedridden since 2018. She has been living like an invalid with her nurse’s support for the past four years. I consider it a miracle that I heard from Ms. Sruthi about her company Dhanvantri Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. and the smart wheelchair with defecation cleaning assistive service named ‘Sahayatha’. I got the wheelchair in my house on the same evening, and my mother’s happiness means no bounds. It is indeed a path-breaking innovation with support for the impaired life of my mother. Today she is happy and lives with dignity. Thanks to Sahayatha and thank you Sruthi for remembering me

Dr.Kuriachan K.A District Governor

I am Former District Governor Rotary International and Founder of the Road Accident Helpline Centers. Sahayatha is an innovation that can make a change in a country.

Dr. John A.C. Dhanakumar, General physician, , General physician, Anurag Hospital, Coimbatore.

This is a very useful product.

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How do wheelchairs with defecation cleansing benefit users?

These wheelchairs provide a dignified and hygienic solution, minimizing reliance on external assistance and promoting self-sufficiency.

What features should I look for in a wheelchair?

Look for comfortable seating, ease of maneuverability, and lightweight construction. The right features depend on individual needs and preferences.

Are there any exclusive promotions or discounts available at Sahayatha Healthcare?

Sahayatha Healthcare frequently offers special deals to make top-quality wheelchairs more accessible. Check our website or reach out to our team for the latest offers.

Can I purchase Sahayatha wheelchairs in bulk for an organization?

Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options. Contact us for tailored solutions suitable for hospitals, NGOs, and organizations.

What sets Sahayatha Healthcare apart in the market?

Sahayatha Healthcare excels in innovative solutions, integrating defecation cleansing technology and prioritizing user comfort and independence.

Can I schedule a online demonstration of the Sahayatha wheelchair?

Absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a online demonstration session. Contact our Sahayatha Healthcare team through the website, and we’ll be happy to arrange a personalized online experience for you.

Are there financing options or assistance programs available for purchasing Sahayatha?

We are committed to continuous improvement. Our research and development team is actively working on enhancing Sahayatha’s features and addressing user feedback. Stay updated on our website for the latest developments.

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