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Sahayatha Wheelchair Features

Liberate yourself and enjoy the independence of movement. With advanced features, we help you with your day-to-day activities such as defecation and urination cleansing assistance.

What makes Sahayatha Wheelchairs unique?

We’re the innovators out on a journey to change the lives of the mobility impaired and give them
the independence of movement.
wheelchair with toilet seat

In-built Commode

A collection commode is provided with forward and backward removable options to make it easy to use for users as well as caregivers.

Defecation Cleansing

This features an automatic cleansing system with one press along with an adjustable bidet position which eliminates the need of getting up or taking help from others. 


Water and Battery Indicator

 The refillable water storage can store 3 Ltrs of water which can be used 8 times for cleaning purposes. Also, there is a display that indicates the water and battery levels.

180° Recline

 Using this feature users can change from sitting to lying position in this wheelchair as per comfort. 

commode wheel chair

 The wheel chair makes the user independent and boosts mobility by allowing self-propelled locomotion.

Arm and Leg Rest

To ensure users are comfortable and safe for long periods of time, the hand and leg rests are made adjustable and removable.


Our Achievements Speak for Themselves

Use Cases

It can be used by people with disabilities, injuries, or elderly people who have difficulty moving around. It can also be used by Hospitals, Old age homes, NGOs, Homecare solutions, and ICU care solutions.

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Don’t Take Our Words For It Listen to What Our
Customers Have to Say
Dr.G.Bakthavathsalam Chairman of K.G Hospital, Coimbatore.

It is a wonderful innovation done by Ms.Sruthi Babu. It will be used by hundreds of people and will be exported to many countries

Prof.Dr.V.G. Mohan Prasad Founder & Chairman, VGM Hospital, Coimbatore

Sahayatha is a phenomenal work done by Ms.Sruthi Babu. It really makes people live with honor and dignity.

Ambika Caretaker

My name is Ambika I'm staying in this home for the past 15 years, as a caretaker. Her name is Ms.Peranath Amma. This is Sahayatha, very useful to carry out their restroom activities. Going to the bathroom it's difficult for her and also for us. But after using Sahayatha it's very useful as it cleans itself. Peranath Amma says 'In sleep when I urge to use toilet sometimes they will help and sometimes they will not. Sahayatha is useful as I can take care of myself in toileting and cleaning."

Geetha Mohandas Coimbatore

My name is Geetha Mohandass and I’m from Coimbatore. My 93 years old mother Ms. Anandhavalli is partially bedridden since 2018. She has been living like an invalid with her nurse’s support for the past four years. I consider it a miracle that I heard from Ms. Sruthi about her company Dhanvantri Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. and the smart wheelchair with defecation cleaning assistive service named ‘Sahayatha’. I got the wheelchair in my house on the same evening, and my mother’s happiness means no bounds. It is indeed a path-breaking innovation with support for the impaired life of my mother. Today she is happy and lives with dignity. Thanks to Sahayatha and thank you Sruthi for remembering me

Dr.Kuriachan K.A District Governor

I am Former District Governor Rotary International and Founder of the Road Accident Helpline Centers. Sahayatha is an innovation that can make a change in a country.

Dr. John A.C. Dhanakumar, General physician, , General physician, Anurag Hospital, Coimbatore.

This is a very useful product.

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For More Enquiry About The Smart Defecation Device Click Below

For more enquiry about the smart defecation Device Click Below

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