Sahayatha Wheelchair S100 - Back Recline - Multipurpose Smart Commode


Are you looking for the most advanced wheelchair that combines convenience, comfort, and innovation all in one package? Well, there is no need to look any further than the Sahayatha Wheelchair S100. It is the epitome of contemporary mobility aids. Your day-to-day existence is about to be completely reimagined thanks to the arrival of this innovative, Shark Tank-approved smart wheelchair, which will award you a brand-new experience that combines independence and convenience.

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Key Features:

  1. Wheelchair With Reclining Back: The Sahayatha Wheelchair S100 is designed with your comfort in mind. It boasts a remarkable backrest that can recline up to a generous 180 degrees, allowing you to find your perfect seating position effortlessly.
  2. Multipurpose Smart Commode: It’s not just a wheelchair. It’s a multipurpose smart commode. Equipped with an automatic defecation cleansing system, this wheelchair offers one-press, easy collection and disposal functionality. You can experience a new level of hygiene and convenience in your daily routine.
  3. Adjustable Bidet: You can customise your cleansing experience with the adjustable bidet positions. The 60-degree cleansing angle and a 300ml jet spray ensure thorough and comfortable cleansing, promoting cleanliness and comfort.
  4. Water and Battery Level Indication: Stay informed about essential factors with the water and battery level indicators. You will always know when it’s time for a refill or recharge, ensuring your mobility is never compromised.
  5. Detachable Handrest and Legrest: Adapt the wheelchair to your specific needs with detachable handrests and height-adjustable legrests. You can enjoy personalised comfort and support on every journey.
  6. Sturdy and Foldable Frame: Crafted from durable steel, the Sahayatha Wheelchair S100 can support a weight of up to 100 kg. The foldable frame makes transportation and storage a breeze, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.
  7. Smooth Mobility: With 200mm castor wheels at the front and large 60.96cm rear wheels, manoeuvring in various environments becomes effortless. Rear wheel locks provide secure braking when needed.
  8. Generous Dimensions: This wheelchair with Reclining Backoffers a comfortable seat width of 45 cm and a floor-to-seat height of 570mm. In the unfolded position, it measures 920mm x 660mm x 980mm, and in the foldable position, it conveniently shrinks to 920mm x 295mm x 980mm.

Is the Sahayatha Wheelchair S100 the Ultimate Solution for Your Mobility Needs?

The Sahayatha Wheelchair S100 is not just a mobility aid. It’s a lifestyle enhancement. Designed to enhance your daily routine, this Smart Recliner Wheel Chair ensures you can move with ease and grace while enjoying the latest in smart technology. So, don’t miss the opportunity to own a Shark Tank approved innovation that redefines mobility. Invest in the Sahayatha Wheelchair S100 today and experience the future of comfortable and convenient transportation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a online demonstration session. Contact our Sahayatha Healthcare team through the website, and we'll be happy to arrange a personalized online experience for you.

We do not offer customization options to accommodate specific user requirements.

Yes, we understand the financial considerations. Please reach out to our team to learn more about financing options and assistance programs. We are committed to making Sahayatha accessible to those who need it.

Our after-sales support includes maintenance services. If you encounter any issues or have questions, simply reach out to our dedicated support team through the provided contact details, and we'll assist you promptly.

We recommend checking with your health insurance provider regarding coverage for assistive devices.

Yes, we provide comprehensive instructional videos to ensure you have all the information you need to use Sahayatha effectively. You can find these resources on our website or contact our team for assistance.

Sahayatha is equipped with safety features such as brakes to ensure secure transfers and usage. These features are designed to minimize the risk of falls and injuries. For specific details, please refer to our product specifications or contact our team.

Sahayatha not only enhances mobility but also promotes independence and dignity through its innovative design. Users experience improved daily living activities, contributing to an overall better quality of life.

Absolutely! Sahayatha makes a thoughtful and impactful gift. Contact our team to discuss the details, and we can guide you through the process of purchasing a wheelchair for your loved one.

We are committed to continuous improvement. Our research and development team is actively working on enhancing Sahayatha's features and addressing user feedback. Stay updated on our website for the latest developments.